Simple Masking Using Printer Paper

So recently I’ve been spending time with my mum to lift her spirits. My grandma (her mother) died recently and it’s been tough on all of us.

I came up with a simple masking technique to make cards with her and to my surprise she really got the hang of it!
Here is one of the cards I made using this technique and a little on how I did it!
Rainbows all the way!

Step 1

Make a mask by die cutting printer paper and using repositionable spray adhesive on the back of it, then stick it to the card you want to ink.

I used a piece of Bristol Smooth Cardstock that I die cut with the largest Lawn Fawn Outside In Stitched Rectangle Die.

Step 2

Ink lightly through the mask using Distress Ink and a Mini Blending Tool.

Step 3

Put a stencil over it, stick it in place and ink heavily using the same colours over themselves for a big contrast and bright colours.

Step 4

Remove the mask and gasp in wonder at the clean design that only moments ago looked like a hot mess!

If you’re careful you can use the masks a couple of times. They do curl when removed but if the adhesive is good quality they will stick down completely flat again on the next use.

Step 5

Stamp the sentiment in black ink to make the bright colours pop. Archival or pigment ink works well.

Using a stamping tool makes this even easier.

I chose to stack a bunch of sentiments for a fun look. I hadn’t tried this before and I really like the look (even though I didn’t get it completely lined up).

I think it works because the colours are so bright that they aren’t washed out by so much black! In fact they make the colours even more vibrant! 😀

Step 6

Add any embellishments you want.

In this case I used twine for the string of my balloon using some Matte Multi Medium and trimmed off the excess once it had dried.

Step 7

Stick fun foam to the reverse and then stick the panel onto a card base.

I was surprised by how much value was added to this simple card by using a little dimension!



Step 8 (optional)

Stamp some fun messages on the back of your cards!

To really finish off a card I like to stamp on the back and (if I have the time) the envelope too!

Lawn Fawn Ink is great for this and they have so many colours to choose from!

I went on to make a whole bunch of these with my mum as they are so quick and easy to make!

I think this is the first time that my mum has actually asked to do crafting with me afterwards!!

I’m so happy to have finally found a crafting activity that my mum not only enjoys but can do with relative ease without much creative experience!!!

This activity is a winner!!!


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Sequin Mix: Icicle – Happy Birthday! (DT: Verity)

Hi there, it is Design team member Verity from Pretty Little Button. I have a lovely clean and simple card to show you today where I used a fabulous sequin mix sold by Chunk Monkey Crafts.- Icicle It has a variety of shapes and sizes which add a touch of elegance to any card. I love the whites and silvers of this mix, so make sure you head over to her Etsy shop and pick a bag up!

Icicle Sequin Mix Card overview:

To start, ink blend with a soft bristle brush in a colour of your choosing in one corner of the card – I used Peacock feathers distress oxide for this card. Add a few splatters of water and soak up with a paper towel for added texture.

Layer and foam mount several die-cut circle frames and position over this area. Die cut a sentiment several times out of white card and layer for dimension – mount this onto the card. Stamp a secondary sentiment and position underneath.

Applying the sequins:

Once the whole panel is matted onto a card base, it is time to embellish with sequins. I choose to position my sequins in three clusters on the card. Two around the sentiment and one cluster up in the top left corner. It is more aesthetically pleasing if you vary the size of the sequins in a cluster and their position. This sequin mix is perfect for this as it contains sequins of several different sizes. Adhere these down with glue and allow to dry to ensure the sequins stay put.

Finishing the card off:

I finished this card off with a sentiment from the ‘Narky Sentiments’ stamp set – ‘Shop handmade’. These are a fabulous set to help finish your cards and envelopes off!

To get 25% off in the shop, just use the code: Veritycmc2018

Happy shopping!


To buy Chunky Monkey Crafts stamps and sequins, make sure you check out the links below:

Facebook Page 

To see more on this card, head to my blog here.

Until next week,



Narky Sentiments & Background Die Bits!

Have you seen the new stamps I’ve been using on the backs of my cards?

They’re these great stamps by Chunky Monkey Crafts that are specially designed to go on the backs of cards. They have messages for all kinds of cards; funny ones, sweet ones and practical ones too!

These are a great staple for card makers, they finish off cards just perfectly in my opinion!

Before I had these I was combing through my stamp sets every time I finished a card in search of something that might do to put on the back. But now it’s a doddle cause they’re all in one place!

The set I’ve got is called Snarky Sentiments 1. It’s a set of 13 high quality clear photopolymer stamps that can be mixed and matched. It’s designed for the backs of cards but some you could use on the front of cards, depending on your style. There are even some I would put on my envelopes if I didn’t already have a set designed for envelopes also from Chunky Monkey Crafts!


  1. Die cut your background die and then carefully remove it from your machine, making sure not to lose any pieces
  2. Remove the background piece (the largest bit) from the die and press it face first onto some Press’n Seal
  3. Remove each of the pieces one by one from the die and place them into their spot face down on the Press’n Seal
  4. Once you have dome this for all pieces, carefully remove the background die that you have been using as a guide
  5. Put liquid glue on the back of all the little pieces, but not too much or it will flow out the sides later. I recommend Ranger Matte Medium as it’s a very strong adhesive
  6. Make sure it’s laid flat on your surface and place a piece of card that’s bigger than it on top and press down firmly
  7. Put something flat on top (like a stamping block) and then something heavy on top of that
  8. Once it has fully dried, turn it over and very very carefully remove the Press’n Seal, leaving behind a pretty background piece
  9. Cut your card down to size leaving a small border around the edge of the pieces. You may find it easier to use a rectangle die or a paper trimmer, depending on your preference
  10. Stick on a pretty picture and a sentiment and you’re done!

The aim when I was making this was to use pieces of card that would otherwise be wasted and recycled when I am actually able to use them. It’s not something I would do often with small pieces but it’s easy enough to do with the larger pieces!

That butterfly I used is one of many butterflies that I watercolour stamped using Scribble Sticks and die cut quite a while ago. I have so many because for each time I coloured the stamp with Scribble Sticks I was able to spray with water and stamp several times because they’re so pigmented! So I’m doing my best to use some of the many bits and pieces I have stored from previous projects that will end up in the recycling if I don’t actively use them! That would be a real shame!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my mini how-to for this relatively simple card and that you take a look at those fab stamps for the back of cards!


If you like what you see and want to find out more about Chunky Monkey Crafts, check them out here:

EtsyBlog – InstagramFacebook



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Layton’s Legacy Charity Card Drive & Lawn Fawnatics Sketch Challenge!

I was deeply moved by the Layton’s Legacy blog hop I’ve seen all over Instagram this past week, it’s a wonderful and thoughtful idea!

I personally know what it’s like to go through difficult times and to have struggles with my health. What people don’t tend to realise is that it’s also really hard on the people supporting you, sometimes it’s even harder.

I wanted to help these parents and do what I can in my own way: by making some cards!

So I made four card using the inspiration of this mood board and I hope they will bring some comfort 🙂

I really liked this muted and calm feeling colour scheme and I immediately decided to focus on the animals in it. As I don’t have animals that match, I used some that fitted the general theme instead.

I chose a simple design, inspired by the Lawn Fawnatics Sketch Challenge and tweaked it a bit. The style I have gone for is similar to some baby cards I’ve seen with pastel shades in new baby colours, cute animals and bold sentiments.

I decided to use the Lawn Fawn Quilted Backdrop Die because it reminds me of my baby blanket that my mamie (French grandma) knitted for me before I was born. It’s also generally reminiscent of being all cosy tucked up in bed, safe and calm. My bed is my safe place so this brings me happy feelings 🙂

For the sentiment I used matching Lawn Fawn Mermaid cardstock and dye ink to tie it all together. It’s a lovely muted blueish teal that looks so great with the grey bits in my cards!


Design & Prep


  1. Use a stamping platform to stamp a bunch of critters in various Lawn Fawn Dye Inks. I used Manatee, Sunflower & Hippo. I recommend you try multiple colours for ones you’re not sure about, ie light and dark grey for an elephant, light and dark brown for a squirrel
  2. Let them dry and then cut them out using the coordinating dies or fussy cut them leaving a small border
  3. Select a few (at least 4) that you want to use for this project and put away the others for future fun!

  1. Layout your materials approximately where you want them until you are happy with your design
  2. Take a photo for reference later

  1. Stamp and die cut your sentiment four times. It’s easier to use a sentiment banner die but you can cut them out by hand using a paper trimmer and scissors if you don’t have one



  1. Die cut your circles using the second largest Lawn Fawn Outside In Stitched Circle Die (2.75″ x 2.75″). Use complementary colours for your images. Ie a yellow circle for a grey image, a grey circle for a yellow image
  2. Prepare four each of the following:
  3. Once you have cut your word die, carefully remove it from the die making sure to collect all of the pieces
  4. Place them back into the negative of the die cut and stick a piece of low-tack tape to the FRONT of it. This will align the letters perfectly for gluing down later
  5. Carefully peel the negative of the die cut off of the tape, leaving the word behind
  6. Trim off any excess tape. You want it to be shorter than the word die so that you can see the full size and shape of it without tape in the way

  1. Lay out all your pieces to make sure you’re happy with the final design

  1. Stick your largest cream panels onto your card bases. This is because the best way to centre all of your pieces on your card is to work from biggest to smallest
  2. Separate your pieces back into piles. I like to arrange them in order of sticking down, but that’s just me! 😀

♥ Little Things That Make It Special ♥

  1. Use a stamp platform to stamp a secondary sentiment inside your cards and another on the back. Using a stamping platform make it much quicker to stamp multiple times and your sentiments will stamp in the exact same place for every card, making them uniform and look more like a set

Stamping after you have stuck down your first panel makes it easier to figure out where the right place to stamp is. Ie which side to stamp and which way up. Its so easy to make these mistakes when tired or distracted, I do it far more often than I’d like!

You can do it in whatever order you like, this is just what I prefer 🙂

Constructing Your Cards



We’re using double sided tape for most of this as it is a very strong adhesive that lasts a very long time without losing it’s stick. I have found that most things stuck with a tape runner lose their sticky after a few months.

  1. Stick double-sided tape to the back of your quilted panels, making sure to avoid the holes. Don’t worry about the small stitching lines, it won’t show through
  2. Stick them in the centre of your cream panels. It doesn’t matter which way up you stick them as they are close to symmetrical and it won’t be that different either way
  3. Put double-sided tape on the backs of your circles. I’ve shown you how I did it in the picture above
  4. Don’t remove the release paper yet, place a circle and a word die (still on the Post-it tape) on your cardbase and line them up until you’re happy with their position
  5. Stick the word die in place using low-tack tape
  6. Stick the circle to the centre of the gap left between the word die and edges of the quilted layer (see photo). I like to use a T-ruler to make it more accurate
  7. Look at the pattern of the quilted die for landmarks that you can use to line up the other three circles in the same position
  8. Stick the other circles according to those landmarks. If you couldn’t make it work that way, stick the word die in place for every card
  9. Using a fine tipped nozzle, put Ranger Matte Medium on the back of the letters. Not the tape or it will stick too!
  10. Place the word down in the exact centre of the space left by the circle on the quilted panel (see photo) and put a stamping block and something heavy on top of it. This is so that it dries totally flat

  1. Separate your card pieces by colour combinations. This way you won’t stick a piece to the wrong card like me!
  2. Play around with placement of the critter and sentiment banner
  3. Use double-sided tape to stick the banner down first then glue down the critter using Matte Medium and put a stamping block on top of it. Make sure the block isn’t sitting on the banner. It’s thicker than the critter and it won’t lie flat otherwise

Decorate Your Envelopes



Stamping the rainbow of envelopes is much easier to do than it looks, it just requires a bit of measuring and a stamping platform!

Follow the instructions and you’ll have a beautiful envelope in no time at all!

  1. Measure your envelope width ways and find the exact centre of the top of your envelope (or wherever you want to stamp)
  2. Make a little mark in pencil. Be gentle so that it’s easy to rub off later
  3. Put your envelope in your stamping platform, front facing up and upside down. So the top of your envelope is pressed against the edge of your stamping platform
  4. Secure with magnets
  5. Put your envelope stamp (or any other stamp) on your pencil mark upside down (so it stamps the right way up in the end)
  6. Slide your envelope along until your stamp is 1cm within the edge of your stamping platform
  7. Look at where the edge of your envelope is now sitting and adjust it’s position so that it sits on a 1/4″ mark
  8. Put a piece of tape to mark the spot and close the lid to attach your stamp
  9. Pick your colours and lay them out in the order you want to stamp them. I used Peacock, Celery Stick, Sunflower, Carrot, Plastic Flamingo, Fresh Lavender and Mermaid!
  10. Put your centre ink slightly above the others so you always know which one it is
  11. Stamp with your centre ink, clean your stamp, move your envelope 3/4″ and stamp the next colour
  12. Once you have gone all the way to one side, clean your stamp and bring your envelope back to the starting position (marked with tape)
  13. Move 3/4″ in the other direction, stamp, clean your stamp, move 3/4″ and repeat until the other side is done
  14. Repeat for all envelopes. It’s much quicker for subsequent envelopes because it’s all lined up for you already!

Now I know the instructions are long but in reality it wasn’t as bad as you thought right? 😀

  1. In your stamping platform, centre your sentiment just underneath your row of stamping and stamp in Peacock Lawn Fawn Ink
  2. Repeat for all envelopes
  3. Once Dry, turn your envelopes over and use magnets to secure the flap down
  4. Centre your little envelope stamp near the bottom of the flap and a sentiment higher up the flap and also in the centre. By using a stamping platform, you only need to line them up once
  5. Stamp these in some of the inks you used on the other side of your card. I used Mermaid and Plastic Flamingo
  6. Repeat for all envelopes

And you’re done! Ta Da!

Though this isn’t my usual style I really love them! They feel calming and reassuring to me, which is what I was going for! Yay! 😀

If you would like to see what other people have made for the card drive click here!



Chunky Monkey Crafts

So I’m on the Design Team for Chunky Monkey Crafts and I’ve used on of their amazing stamps for the backs of cards! They do funny ones and cute ones, something for all kinds of cards.

If you like what you see and want to find out more, check them out here:


I am also submitting these cards in the Lawn Fawnatics Sketch Challenge!

This is my first time taking part and I’ve really enjoyed putting my own spin on it! In fact I’ve never done a sketch challenge at all! It’s not as hard as I thought it would be. But to be fair I did get some great inspiration when I saw it for the first time, I’ve seen many great cards on Instagram that look like the sketch.

If you want to check out my blog click here! I have more How-To’s and fun cards that I’ve made!


I use affiliate links when available which means if you make a purchase I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your support!